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Going Against The Norm To Reach The Top: The Meteoric Rise Of Victor AD


This is the worst-kept music; the type of songs that easily ‘blow’ these days in Nigeria. Let’s face it; to effortlessly make a name for yourself as an upcoming artiste, your best works has to be inclined to affection for a certain ‘Caro’ or ‘Dumebi’.
All in all, the song should bring positive vibes along with flows that can make a girl’s heart melt.

Another option is to come up with a ‘dance style’ song like ‘Kukere’ or ‘Zanku’. Songs that move crowds to dance the steps along. Just don’t stimulate the audience with something like a motivational kind of song. We would rather have to listen to the TED talk show.

Victor Adere came with his ‘Red Eye’ in 2018 to shake things up in the country. He succeeded in doing that. As if that isn’t enough, he was motivated to star in ‘Motivation’ with fellow Warri artiste, Erigga. His bag of awards in a shot timeframe speaks of a meteoric rise.

Before 2018, only music enthusiasts can say they know the name – Victor AD. And a high number of them are mostly from south-south Nigeria. Things would change however as the singer released the single ‘Wetin We Gain’ on June 17 of 2018. No, he didn’t release a song that would make one have the urge to dance along or think of that new crush. The song was to motivate people, the hustlers, the breadwinners of their families.

“It was like a motivation to hustlers,” Victor AD explains “I was just trying to motivate people.”

He succeeded in motivating people and blew up in the process, even beyond his expectations.
“I never expected it to be this big so soon. I thought it would only be big in the southern part of the country.” He said shortly after the release of the song.

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For his part, Victor AD has had to face his own fair share of challenges coming up. He narrated how he moved to Lagos with aspirations that everything would be turn out well. He slept under a bridge for three days just to meet with marketers but that didn’t work out well.

Things move pretty fast. Victor AD has released other jams like ‘Tire You’, ‘Why’ and some others. In fairness, it would be hard to usurp ‘Wetin We Gain’ as his biggest hit. One thing is certain, Victor AD has come to stay with a different kind of vibe and to motivate.

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